Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

ListšŸ’£Impossible is a to-do list

Create a list and a detonation timer

The list will self-destruct when the timer reaches zero

Dashboard stats keep track of your performance

What do our customers have to say?

"This is great! I used to have too many old, partially done to-do lists. List Impossible allows me to tackle specific, actionable items in a short amount of time. The key ingredient is adding a deadline to my lists. It keeps me accountable by adding a sense of urgency.
My favorite is creating a list one hour before I leave my house every morning...and nothing kicks off the day on a good note like seeing that 100% completion rate."

Margaret Hancock


"The superpower of List Impossible is the focus it brings to my work. Like everyone else I have long lists of to-do's, which only get more complicated. These long lists may be needed to keep track of so many things, but they are overwhelming.
List Impossible is different, I get to take my long list of stuff and turn it into a small list with a deadline. It is fun challenging myself to get the list done before the timer runs out. And, rather than keep growing my long list of stuff to do, I am using List Impossible to build smaller and temporary lists, which helps to meet deadlines."

Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen


"List Impossible is a total game changer! My day has just become 10x more efficient."

Denise Wolfe


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